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My Story

Hello! I’m Adrian and I run The Dreamcatchers. I’ve been behind the lens for over 15 years and here’s my story of how I came to where I am now...

  • Myself & my mom some time in the 70's standing in our back garden. Hard to imagine now that as an only child I had that swimming pool all to myself.
  • My first year at the Johannesburg Art, Ballet, Drama & Music school. I was the only boy in my home class. Looking a little shell shocked.

My dream when I finished studying photography at the Johannesburg School of Art, was to travel the world and take photos as I went. Back then I had really no idea how to make that dream a reality...

  • Embracing the backpackers lifestyle in Cape Town & Knysna
  • Embracing the backpackers lifestyle in Cape Town & Knysna
  • Embracing the backpackers lifestyle in Cape Town & Knysna

After finishing school, I moved to Cape Town and studied interior design. After a year studying, I realised it was not for me. I hitchhiked up to Knysna to embrace the hippy lifestyle working as a potter, and explored the mighty Knysna forests on my motorbike. After two years of living the dream in arguably one of the most beautiful areas in South Africa, but failing to make my fortune, I had a epiphany to join the navy.

  • One of my roles in the early day’s on the ship was being apart of the firefighter crew on the helicopter deck.
  • While visiting America I had the opportunity to tour a aircraft carrier.
  • Visiting a French ship while docked in France.
  • My name in the credits of the book celebrating the Navies 75th anniversary.

After two years spent on the SAS Drakensburg, a incredible set of coincidences, and winning a couple of military photographic competitions, I was selected to work as the second photographer on a very special book celebrating the South African Navies 75th anniversary.

  • One of my photo's of Nelson Mandela featured on the cover of the naval magazine.
  • Nelson Mandela’s intro to the book
  • One of my photo’s of the SAS Drakensburg docked in France during at tall ship festival.
  • Just a few of the many nations we went to visit
  • One of my images in the book featuring a dragon boat race in Cape Town’s waterfront with two strike craft in the background.
  • While sailing out of New York we where given permission to fly the helicopter and I was able to take this image of the SAS Drakensburg sailing past the Twin Towers & the statue of Liberty.

At this time Nelson Mandela became president and the SA navy was invited to fly the flag throughout the world. I had the incredible opportunity to travel all over the world documenting these trips with my camera. It was on one of those trips that we visited London and docked in a still developing Docklands. Exploring the city I had yet another epiphany... I simply had to return to this great city!

Having served 4 years in the Navy and with a British passport in hand, and the offer of a room to stay in, off I went.

Things did not quite go exactly to plan on arrival in London, but after a few years of trying to find my way in life, events started to fall into place.

Consumer video cameras came onto the market and Apple produced the first laptop that you could edit video footage on at home. I fell in love with the ability to film and edit a story and realised you can tell so much more of a story through video than you can via photos. I made the switch and committed myself to the art of film making.

Visiting China on one of my first filming gig’s producing a documentary for a UK charity.

I started doing freelance work for a production company and in 3 years I had filmed over 160 weddings and private events. It was a very thorough introduction to this world, and played a solid foundation for the years to come, giving me a huge amount of experience.

  • A slightly younger me in the background filming the royal wedding of Peter Phillips & Autumn Kelly at Windsor Castle and Frogmore House
  • A slightly younger me in the background filming the royal wedding of Peter Phillips & Autumn Kelly at Windsor Castle and Frogmore House

While working for this company, I had the opportunity to film many prestigious events, including the Royal wedding of Peter Phillip to Autumn Kelly at Windsor Castle, footballer John Terry’s wedding at Blenheim Palace & various events at private estates, all the big 5 Star hotels and some incredible destinations all over Europe.

The Dreamcatchers were proud to film the wedding of Clemmie Hambro (one of Princess Diana's bridesmaids) and we have also filmed weddings for the Rothschild's, the Ferguson's and footballer, Sol Campbell's wedding to Fiona Barrett.

Adrian lives in Kew Gardens with his wife Laura and two daughters Ava & Harper

I still get a kick out of every single wedding I film. It is the excitement, never quite knowing what to expect... discovering amazing new places, people and cultures. I bring my A game to every wedding I capture.

Dream fulfilled.

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